Doctrine Class Themes and Format

The doctrine class themes:

The Doctrine Class  on the 5th June will consider (DV) the first question and answer in the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

We may cover more than one question and answer in a week, or we may take several weeks to cover a single question. A key book for the Shorter Catechism studies will be Thomas Watson’s ‘A Body of Divinity’: this was the first book published by Banner of Truth! It is thoroughly logical, concise, and provides us with an ample supply of subordinate questions which can help us think around the subject in hand.

There are a number of sites which contain the full text of the Catechism, and more, for example,, which contains links to a number of full-text commentaries by eminent puritans. A remarkable resource!

We will not be recording the doctrine class initially, freeing us up to follow a more discussion-based format. We will certainly try to record meetings with a single speaker.

The time we have can be best spent in a number of ways, including public prayer.


Three at a time

Although scheduled to happen at the same time as the Doctriine Class, we warmly encourage you to support the Welsh-language work, especially in its early stages. Gospel themes, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, will enable the soul to glorify and enjoy God whatever language is used, but an English translation service will be operating so that you can follow the service.

With the Sunday School also starting at 3:30pm, we look eagerly to the Lord to prosper all three works simultaneously.