Changes to the Doctrine Class for 2013

Reflecting on the Doctrine Class since 2011, we decided on a few changes for 2013:

  1. Taking a ‘Biblical Timeline/Bible Books’ rather than treating an aspect or theme of systematic theology (which we have been doing for 18 months now and which we can return to again).
  2. Unifying the topic, i.e. each week a different person taking us through the topic will be asked to cover a given portion of the material. Previously each person has led their own theme. Our textbook and theme will be Hendriksen’s Survey of the Bible (see under ‘H’ in the Church Library).
  3. Tighter scheduling of topics – no carrying forward if we do not finish a topic in ‘one sitting’.
  4. Wider group of people to share the duty of leading the group through that week’s topic. We are delighted that the Pastor has agreed to lead the meeting on a couple of occasions  (see ‘Rota’ link on right for details) although we are all keen to support the Welsh language work, Capel y Rhath which meets at the same time.
Apart from the overarching aims of the meeting, as outlined in the ‘About’ page of this blog, we have the following aims for this series especially:
  1. To develop our ‘date-consciousness’ with any part of God’s Word (Hendrikson, p43). This ‘historical perspective is absolutely essential to the mastery of the meaning of Scripture’, he says.
  2. To highlight the ‘one, central theme which, like a golden thread, runs through all…’ (p83), namely, ‘the central revelation of the Triune God in Christ’ (p55).

Thinking ahead: ‘infinite, eternal’

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Whether or not you arrive at the Doctrine Class tomorrow, I hope to move on in Q4 to consider ‘infinite, eternal’ and possibly ‘unchangeable’. I am not asking you to necessarily take any time to read around these terms. But I would like to get you thinking along the lines of this question:
What is the most helpful thing you can recall coming across that moved you on in attempting to understand the words ‘infinite’ and ‘eternal’? (Especially in regard to God)

For example, perhaps it was an experience when you were a child of looking up at the stars, perhaps it was a bible verse, hymn, or a (verbal) illustration in a book. Perhaps it was last Sunday morning’s sermon 😉

It need not be anything that strikes you as especially unique. I only want to prime you, whether or not you even feel able to share it at the meeting. Perhaps adding a comment to this blog is more your kind of thing – please feel free to do so.