Survey of the Bible 25. The Church extends from Jerusalem 30-33 AD

Jeff Gilbert took this class.

This study covers most of Acts 1-12. The physical resurrection of the Lord Jesus: Luke 24:44-53 all evidence suggests that the disciples were not expecting Jesus to be alive on the third day Luke 24:11 you might expect them to at least have some lingering hope, some connections being made in their minds as events unfolded. Thomas really does refuse to make this connection with the testimony of Jesus before he died and that of the disciples after Jesus rose. Yet God will accomplish his purposes, in spite of our frailty and lack of faith and insight. We noted that the resurrection is a very prominent doctrine in Acts preaching (see also 1 Peter 1:3)

Power – effects felt by gentiles too. Power to bear witness.
Preaching – the ‘word of God increased’ meanings: rivers of living water as promised by the Lord, growth in influence and significance for those who were being saved, and in every way really.
Persecution – caused the spread of the church Acts 8:1
So little of this New Testament Christianity is seen in our day. The contrast is sadly very sharp.

Tozer quote: The difference between faith as it is found in the New Testament and faith as it is found now is that faith in the New Testament actually produced something – there was a confirmation of it. Faith now is a beginning and an end. We have faith in faith – but nothing happens. They had faith in a risen Christ and something did happen. That’s the difference. Life in the Spirit, p41