Survey of the Bible 24. Passion-Assension 30 AD

Pastor Dewi Higham took this class. Compared with some of our survey studies, this 47 days is short in time but very long on significance, with the death, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ being central to our gospel message and history itself.

What a struggle to get a man to get the gospel! We compared the ‘hosana’ of the crowds with the with the weeping of the Lord in Luke 19:41
The place of sorrow in the Christians heart. Mourning for sin. We must live at His very feet. That is a place of agitation and peace! The agitation is a compulsion to strive for godliness and service, the peace is that which passes knowledge and reaches deeper than the greatest distress.
On Monday of passion week a lot is said! It includes the cursing of a fig tree. Puzzling miracle – a picture of Israel. This many favored nation but here it isguilty of barrenness again. How careful are we of the ‘inside of the cup’? Some (antinomian) groups have said that you can look terrible on the outside so long as the inside is right but we do not find that in scripture. Inside and outside are important!
2nd cleansing of the temple. God can bless or curse as he wishes.
Once saved saved forever but backsliding should frighten us. Many tests will come of genuine conversion.
Tuesday – revival amongst the Jews of today hoped for – taking a slightly differently to Hendricksen. Destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the world spoken of but these events are on the same time-line and idea-line. Wednesday was the day of the blood money
Thursday and Friday so much was said!  John 13 -16 the upper room. Passover lamb, washing feet… Real historical events, real symbolic meaning, real power, real effects reaching right across time. Real sin needed a real saviour.
Wrestling in prayer. trial(s) overnight, 9am Friday crucified, the apparent triumph of enemies. Hours of darkness. Although he said, ‘ it is finished ‘ but the final humiliation was the burial.
Saturday a quiet day. That is about all we had time to cover.


Survey of the Bible: 3 Call of Abraham to Descent to Egypt (2094-1879 BC)

These notes were taken from what was said at the Doctrine Class 20th January 2013, led by our Pastor Dewi Higham
How is Abraham our father? Romans 4:16 promises. Acts 7:1-4 Hebrews 11:8
Frailty of Abraham – haphazard life. Long time span. Gen 12:1-4, Gen 15:6, 18 sealing of a covenant.  God takes initiative, and not as equal parties.
Gen 17:1-8 he was called and obeyed. Repeated visits and affirmation. Sarah died, Abraham married again. He wouldn’t see the promises fulfilled.
Links between him and Christ many: appearing before the sacking of Sodom. Gen 18:33 Abraham did not depart until the Visitor departed.
Told to slay Isaac drama and significance.
Gen 22:11 Angel of the Lord. Isaac as a believer going to the alter Rom 12. Father and son in agreement as in The Atonement.
Isaac life peaceful. Birth, sacrifice, marrying Rebecca but quite understated. The Lord’s appointments. Jacob and Esau – Jacob quite a character. Nothing to admire. Grace stands out. Not what I am oh Lord but what thou art… Bethel – God’s initiative – the house of God.  Peniel: made lame for the blessing. Change. Heartbreak of account of descent into Egypt.
Apparent weaknesses of men, mysterious paths of providence. Yet all helps to complete the picture of our lives. Nate Saint, unless we see ourselves as expendable we are not useful. We have to be willing and ready even to be bypassed. Eradication of self. Ready to be used but willing to not be used.
Gen 22:11 ‘here am I’, Samuel too – willingness to go or stay. Spurgeon in Mentone, Amy Carmichael confined to bed, but both have an amazing legacy.
Why allowed? Short-sighted really. We do not consider enough that God spoke to Abraham directly. Every piece is where it should be.  Innate submission.  More than fatalism. It is a ‘mighty plan of his great love’, 2 levels of God’s operation: the personal plan, bigger picture of His glory.
Great sense of dread in the nearness of God and yet in the midst the promises of God. Moments of God’s nearness and then we move on with him in our lives.
‘Jesus Christ is the key to the old testament’